Contour / Highlight / Blush – Step by step according to different face shapes

Have you ever thought about the secret behind all those chiseled cheekbones, blinding highlights and glowed apple of cheeks to get a BEAT Face on Instagram? Using contouring highlighting and blush in a corrective way make your appear more like an oval. Let me tell you an oval face shape is considered to be the ideal facial shape and a makeup artist’s dream because its easier to transform than any other face shapes.

If the makeup is done by understanding facial structure, revamping every shape into an ideal oval shape, then it is called the ‘’Perfect Makeup’’. Let’s learn different types of faces and application of this majestic trio – Contour / Highlight / Blush according to the Face shapes.

Square Shape

  • ♦    Contouring on the side of forehead and on the sides of jawline.
  • ♦    Blusher below the cheekbones.
  • ♦    Highlighter on the forehead, apple of cheeks and on the chin.

Round Face

  • ♦    Contour the face starting from the forehead and bring down to the sides of the jaw line (light).
  • ♦    Highlighter on the forehead and on the chin.
  • ♦    Sweep blusher from the far down to cheekbones towards the mouth.

Rectangle / Oblong Face

  • ♦    Contour the face on the sides of the forehead and on the sides of the jawline.
  • ♦    No application of highlighter on the rectangular face. You may add a bit on forehead.
  • ♦    Apply blusher on the cheekbones below the outer corner of the eye and blend well.

Oval Face

  • ♦    No application of bronzer on oval face. For more definition, add a little below the jaw line.
  • ♦    Highlighter to be applied on cheekbone.
  • ♦    Sweep the blush over the cheekbones.

Triangle Face

  • ♦    Contour the face starting from the corner of the ear and take it downwards to the jaw line. Add a little below the cheekbones.
  • ♦    Highlighter to be applied on the sides of forehead.
  • ♦    Apply blusher n the sideways V on the cheekbones.

Heart Face

  • ♦    Contouring should start from the sides of the forehead and bring it downwards to the jawline.
  • ♦    Highlight not required.
  • ♦    Apply blusher to the outer corner of the cheekbones.

Diamond Face

  • ♦    Contour along the sides of your forehead and temples, below cheekbones starting from ears and ending at the middle of cheekbones and small area right below chin to soften the point.
  • ♦    Highlight under eyes in an upside down triangle shape to brighten eyes, in the middle of forehead and chin.
  • ♦    Apply blush along the top of cheekbones blending towards the ear.

It’s safe to say that contouring has had its major moments during the past couple of years.  Despite all the extreme tutorials and techniques out there (RIP clown contouring), it’s best to contour your face according to its specific shape to keep it looking natural.


See you next time!

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